⛳ [GAME] Alphabetical Sentences ✍


Here’s to the first game posted in this forum!


  1. pick any letter that will serve as the first letter of the first word in a sentence;
  2. create a clear sentence where every word starts with the next letter of the previous word’s first letter;
  3. the longest sentence wins!

I’ll start! I choose “C”, and here’s a 12-words sentence (I couldn’t come up with something longer as I hit a roadblock after “N”):

Claire didn’t expect fire growing hastly indoors, John kept loudly mentioning now.

Now rewire your brain and do better! :eyes:


I don’t understand the rules.

So, you chose the letter “C”

??? You have C, d, e, f, g. h, i, j, k, l, m, n

So??? Shouldn’t all the words in this sentence start with the letter C?


You have to pick a letter that will act as the starting letter for the first word (I chose C)

Then you build a sentence where the second word starts with the letter after the one you chose (after C comes D, so the second word has to start with D, the third word has to start with E, etc. as long as you possibly can without the sentence sounding weird or illogical)

The more words with this rule in your sentence, the better. The longest sentence will win.

So right now you have to come up with a sentence longer than 12 words since that’s how long my sentence was.


Okay, I tried but can’t come up with anything. I’ll let someone else take this one.


What Victor Used To Say Really Quite Perplexed Our Nerdy Minds, Like, “Kindly, Just Invite Her Guest For Easter Day Cookie Brunch.”

22, going backwards! :grin:


Since Gina backed out and my nerdy bf (don’t let the username fool you) I know won’t be able to beat me, please toss the trophy my way!


You broke the rules. It’s going forwards, not backwards and that’s a weird & unnatural sentence.

Who talks like that. I say Raz win this round. :wink:


I think it sounds pretty good. I couldn’t even come up with one sentence, so - not taking sides here. Are you in a bad mood or something?



No, just like to mess with Lynn.


Who asked you? Are you playing? Take your dog out! :smirk:


For goodness, don’t you two live in the same house. Why are you going off topic in a game thread?

Or are you trying to help RAZ to earn his :white_flag: badge? :grin:


Lighten up Regina. I don’t think Raz cares. There’s only four of us here, if you count Max. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Queen Rachelle started to understand very well, xenon yields zillion atmosphere bits. (12, a tie)