How about some topics?


Hey Regina,

You invited me to a forum with zero post . What’s up with that?


Ha! Ha! :grinning:

There are plenty of post! Have you read the “Welcome to the fourm, yet?”


Seriously? Who actually reads welcome messages! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cool, I just earned a welcome and basic badge. So, what do I get with these badges?


It’s fun to earn badges and kinda let everyone know your status as you climb up.

Are you gonna change that generic “I” profile picture or what?



You should post some of your blog stuff or post a link or something.


I’m working on it.

I just created this thing like yesterday.

I haven’t even gone public yet. I’m tweaking and experimenting for the next two weeks.


Oh, geez! << insert eye roll here >> :roll_eyes:

Anyone ever tell you that you’re too cautious? Just go for it. Take some risk for a change. Stop thinking and just do.

BTW, are you going by Regi? If so, shouldn’t that be spelled Reggie?


You can call me whatever you want.

I’m trying to separate my blog site from my writing/ebook.

Back in high school, my friends used to call me Reg - but I figured people would mispronounce it so I added the “i” at the end.

A lot of people from all the other freelance sites that I buy and sell on, know me as Gina.

So, Regina, Reg, Regi, Regina or just G! I’m good with all of it.


Oh, good lord.

Can you say multiple personalities? LOL! Kidding, kidding!

What kind of forum software are you using? This is pretty cool. I need to play around with this and figure out how to use some of the functions.


Play all you want.

Remember, it will eventually go public so keep it clean.

Invite some friends and play all you want.

Oh, I’m using discourse. Look it up!

Edit: ADD a profile picture! I hate that generic I. :nauseated_face:


Hum, :thinking: so when did you figure out how to add that “Jr. Member” title?


Hmm :thinking: so there are no flagging options except a direct message, which means I couldn’t complete discobot’s tutorial, there are far less badges than I thought, and I have no idea how to add a title to my name - yet!

But I love discourse-based forums, can’t wait to spend some quality time here! :grin:

[edit: I just saw that my profile photo competes with @system’s photo devlish :smiley:


Well, welcome stranger!

Working on those badges, huh?

Okay, so you are officially a member so now you should have the flagging option. :slight_smile:


AJ, say hi to RAZ.

I can :eyes: you lurking.


Little busy right now! Sorry.

Hello there.

BTW, this goofy notice on the right side of the screen keeps popping up with

HOW about a picture for you account?

Are you doing that?


No, it’s system generated.

I won’t bug you about the picture thing anymore.


Hey AJ @IndyWriter ! Glad to see & meet other people, hopefully this will be the start of something bigger than us :grin:

Gotta start somewhere to work my way up :smiley: OK, I admit, I’m a badge hunter :smirk:

Nope, still can’t see any flagging options except direct message:


P.S. apparently I can only flag myself :rofl:


Hum :thinking: were you saying something naughty to yourself?