Is this Cheating?


I’m creating this topic so I can earn badges! :grinning:

Who’s your favorite supervillain? Mine is Catwoman!



Hum, I have to think about this. :thinking:

Edit: Here you go . . .



Mine is… OK, I might come off as childish, but… The Flash, because #slowingtime and #timetravel!


Hello Raz. I was beginning to feel lonely again.

I can’t remember the last time they made a flash gordon movie?.!.? I guess you must be a fan of time travel - backwards or forwards?


Don’t worry, I still have plans to take over this forum sometime in the future :eyes:

I’m actually a fan of the TV series “The Flash”:


Backwards - I’m a bit scared of forward time travel, for you never know where you could land, whereas traveling back in time is more predictable. I like predictable :slight_smile: And, yanno, the chance to do or say something from your present for the past people so that you wow them and thus cover for your lack of achievements in your present time and make yourself feel accomplished.

Gah, I’m so disposable and meaningless :weary:


You’re so adorable, like a puppy!



I guess it could work out as The Flash Puppy :smiley:

And what would be one of The Flash Puppy’s powers? Falling asleep lightning fast! :crazy_face:

It’s that time of the day again for me :bed:


Sweet dreams, Woofy!



That sounds dirty! :rofl:


Only if you have a dirty mind. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Actually, that does sound dirty :sweat_smile: