New Stories & Old Stories


I’ll be adding some stories, transporting from my other forum to this one in the next two weeks. I’m also adding some new ones as well!


Can’t wait - so I commented on the previous forum in vain, I’ll just lose my posts? :sweat_smile:


Ha, ha, ha! :rofl:

Of course not, it got you the member badge - here! :smile:

I’m on travel for work this week and next week. Reasons why I don’t have much time to spend on my blogs/forum & such.

I’m not ignoring anyone, just don’t have much time. I’m looking forward to July when I take some vacation time to relax and work on things at home.


I could (and would love to) recreate the threads, posts and structure of the previous forum for you, you know, to get things going :grin:

It wouldn’t take long, but it would have the downside of all posts being made under my forum name (but quoting you to make it look right), which might not look desirable for you :thinking: #appearances

I’m just an eager beaver, yanno? :grin:


Oh my gosh, by all means, if you have some time on your hands - I’d really appreciate that.

I really do not care whose name is on it. There will be plenty of posts with my name on it here.

Thank you x 1000! :heart: , G.

"Who Done it?" Mystery Novella Manuscript :male_detective:
"Who Done it?" Mystery Novella Manuscript :male_detective:
"Who Done it?" Mystery Novella Manuscript :male_detective:
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And… done! :grin: (all nicely formatted and emojified, of course :sunglasses: )