🗣 ~~ SHOUTBOX ~~ 📢


Have some news you’d like to share with everyone else?

Got something to say that is of general interest, doesn’t pertain to any specific category, or pertains to the forum as a whole?

Here’s the place to spill the beans! :shallow_pan_of_food:

(just make sure you don’t actually SHOUT, that’d be rude)



This is awesome! I didn’t even think of creating a unique shoutbox!

NICE! AHHHHHHHHH!!! :smiley:


You’re most welcome! :blush:

I’m a hard-working eager beaver, what can I say :smiley:

Glad you liked the idea :grin:


I’m going to link this to the main blog over the weekend.

The real web address will be www.microblogs.org. I was going to use MyBuzz (dot) com but that was already taken.

I’ll invite a few friends to join so it won’t be so dead in the water. @razvan you get to “shout” with writers /authors. The good news is that most know how to spell quite well. :slight_smile:


Finally, a MekSell-free (& spam-free, for now) forum that is actually readable! :grin: I was actually getting tired of bad spelling and bad English :weary:


If only I had the means to find & invite other Fiverr forum friends you work with, that’d easily pollute fill up this forum :sweat_smile:


@RegiAdd Just wanted to tell you that I’ve got big plans for this forum :grin: OK, that might sound like I’m taking over your forum, but I’m not (not yet :eyes: )

I have a lot of ideas for new threads, polls, debates, writing help, Games & Contests, etc.

So I’m eagerly waiting for you to invite more people and make this forum official so that I can start doing my thang and bring it in line with other popular writing forums with the abundance of awesome topic ideas I have in mind :sunglasses:

OK, :bomb: dropped, back to my cave :hole:


I like!!! :heart_decoration:

I’ve been super busy at work - traveling non stop there. Today was the first day I’ve had a breather and it’s only because it’s holiday here in the states.

I’m looking forward to this weekend when I really have some time to spend working on my blog and stuff.

:eyes: you on Friday!

:heart: :point_left: !


Phew, I was already getting worried for not hearing anything from you for so long :grimacing:

Well, happy holiday! :us: :fireworks: :confetti_ball: (:alien: :space_invader:)


Ahhh, irritating! I can’t figure out how to point microblogs to discourse!

I don’t want to invite anyone else until the web name is correct - they won’t have the wrong address saved. I’ve been working to redirect for a few days now. I’ve tried everything!



Hi Max,

Where’s Lynn? I invited her before you.

When a Good Freelancer turns out to be really Bad :rage:

I haven’t seen her all day.

So, this is your new forum?

Looks good.



Welcome! You are my 3rd contributor.

I was going nuts talking to myself, so I invited AJ @IndyWriter - whose been MIA like forever. I don’t know if you know who she is or not.

There is also Raz @razvan - he’s from Fiverr. He writes articles for me but doesn’t offer writing gigs.

How you been?


Last book sold zero copies.

Good thing I didn’t quit my day job!

I don’t know AJ or Raz.

When a Good Freelancer turns out to be really Bad :rage:

When did you publish it?


I knew you were going to ask me that.


I seem to sell the best when I publish on Tuesdays.

Isn’t that what you said once?


Yup! For me it’s Tues or Thu that sells the most for Romance/Thrillers. The religious short stories sells the best on the weekends.

I haven’t published a eRom/Thriller in over a year. For some reason it doesn’t sell well. My short stories are doing better.

How are Lynn’s books doing?


Better than mine.

Okay, every time I type something this yellow box pops up to my right.

This forum is different than what I’m used to.


Different good or different bad?


Different good! :grinning:

Hey, I earned two badge.