🗣 ~~ SHOUTBOX ~~ 📢


Romania - you know, ground 0 of vampires, Dracula, Transilvania, garlic as a weapon :smiley:

P.S. people still use garlic as a weapon here :eyes:


Well, good night from the USA!


And a good day to you!

Btw, we should use the Shoutbox thread to have random chit chat, to avoid polluting Gina’s threads, like this one where we were all over it :sweat_smile:


Dear Sir,

I don’t mind! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dear Sir Raz,

Just a few times.

In foods to breath on people or around your neck to ward off :vampire: ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh yeah, we you have a new domain! :grin: (now I’m one step closer to the takeover :smiling_imp:)

Actually, people still hang garlic in & outside the house to scare vampires - apparently we still have many villagers who believe in them. Have a look at a real photo of this:


Yikes! :open_mouth:

Don’t tell me that’s your place! :rofl:

** Sigh ** I invite people, they come & post for one day and then disappear! Two haven’t even accepted my invitation yet! << Internet Friends >> “insert head shaking emoji” are so unreliable - – - @scifidude , @IndyWriter!

Well, thanks for being loyal. Writers & Authors spend all their time on A-zon forum (which btw, is horribly managed) and other established writers forums. It’s hard to get people to stick around.

Maybe I’ll post something controversial! :thinking:


I have more than just garlic hanging at the windows :eyes: (onions, green, red & yellow peppers, tomatoes)

I noticed - there must be something really wrong with or about me :grimacing:


Nah! It’s summer. People are on vacation, with family with friends. I typically sell more ebooks in the summer but write more in the Fall, Winter - less in Spring - practically none in Summer.


Looks like I’ve taken on more than I can handle.

I may have to put my ebooks on the back burner for the next 3 or 4 months and concentrate on my blogs/forum. I barely have a life outside work as it is and adding these two things have me losing sleep every night.

I watched a rather good Youtube video where the guy have about 3 million subscribers. He started his career on Youtube part time and for the first 4 years, he barely had any views. It took him awhile to find his niche, but when he did, the number of subscribers skyrocketed in one month.

Forward to today and all his income comes from Youtube.

I’m getting subscribers on my blogs, but I guess they are shy about posting. It’s been less two months so I’m not gonna get discouraged yet. I just need to spend more time here!

Taking a deep breath and letting it out! :grinning:

Okay, so I’m probably taking to myself again but hey, everything takes time to grow!


I think the reason why forum users and subscribers don’t post anything or come and then disappear is lack of time - they’re writers, they write (apart from having day jobs, too), and I’ve experienced myself how writing takes up all your time :slight_smile:

So I think there might not be enough time for most writers to hang out on forums, comment, post and such… I might be wrong, though.



Is this true?



Unfortunately it is :cry: And my sales stats are feeling it :pensive:


You rang?

I like discourse forums. How are you?



I thought that might be you when I received a new user notification.

I took over more than I can handle myself. I have others doing the writing for my blog sites - even with that I’m so super busy, it’s insane. I’d hire a virtual assistant but don’t know if I want to give anyone the password to my websites.

I saw Max lurking. Is he around?

BTW: say hi to Raz.


I’m lurking on my phone.

Hi Raz.


I believe she was talking to me.

“Hi Raz.”


Hey Max, and howdy to Lynn! :grin:


I checked and you can’t sort by country so I don’t know what Writer aka Red Devil is talking about.


@RegiAdd This is what he’s talking about (it’s a filter on the left sidebar):


#discrimination_much? I wasn’t expecting this one from Fiverr, who always said stuff like “treat everyone the same, it’s an international platform”


Lurking on your phone, or with your phone? :smiley: :thinking:

I don’t like smartphones, they’re quite vindictive :smirk: