🗣 ~~ SHOUTBOX ~~ 📢


Dude! Really?

If I know Regina, this forum is going to be flooded with girls!

You, me, maybe only guys here, like forever.



On a second thought, I was always surrounded by women so nothing new here :thinking:


Why are you referring to him as “dude?” Are you trying to impress the new guy?

He doesn’t talk like that in real life.


That’s new! Hum, :thinking: I’m not sure how I feel about that right now.

Are there many complaints on the forum about it?


I have no clue - I’m not a regular anymore there, and I’ve been quite MIA there lately…


Whenever anything new happens, the forum is typically flooded with complaints left and right. I automatically figured there would be.


So, Lynn, here’s my intro that I wrote to Max a while ago:

Now it’s your turn: tell us me something about you :grin:

I checked, no mention :eyes: #weird


I :heart: animals of all kind, especially cats. I work in an office building all day but I do have a window overlooking traffic.

I’m not really sure what a favorite number is but if I were to have one it would be 13. I like Halloween and dark magic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Scared?

I used to read Fiverr forum without logging in because Regina said it was fun. It was for awhile then it got redundant, so I stopped months ago.

I live with my bf, 3 furry kids in a two bedroom condo.

Edit: It should be fun earning my badges all over again.


How new is it? Maybe they don’t know about it yet.


Catch you all later. It’s time to go home! The day is finally over!

Nice meeting you Raz!



Tell me about it :smiley: I have collected quite a lot on the Fiverr forum over the years :eyes:


Bet I’ll beat you home! :slight_smile:


Nice meeting you, too, Lynn! I hate time zone differences :weary:

Shoot, I forgot I need to sleep :grimacing:


Great! Then you can take the dog out! :laughing:


Did max tell you that’s his hobby?

Okay, okay, I’m really outta here this time.


@Surfergirl, @scifidude

Don’t be strangers! I need a few Regulars around here.

See ya later!


I’m not sure how to take this? Are you like Google stalking me or something? :open_mouth:

So, that’s why you are so smart! :slight_smile:

What makes you think Raz is the new guy? I’ve known him almost as long as the two of you.

I didn’t know that about you? Are you one of those secret witchcraft sellers on Fiverr? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am? I mean, I watch The Flash & Green Arrow like a comic-fanatic kid :smiley: OK, I might be smart, but playing dumb always helped me in life thus far :slight_smile: #countryspecific

Well, I am the new guy to her :thinking:

I knew it!


I thought you were :sleeping_bed:

Are the :owl: disrupting your :dark_sunglasses:?

“Pondering what Raz meant by this, Regina goes off to exercise.”

Nighty night Raz!


You have no idea how loud they can be in groups :weary: and ever since I’ve seen a funny video on how horny turtles sound like, I realized owls here make almost the same noise, which is even more disturbing :rofl:

Have fun :running_woman: !

I’ll go :facepunch: a pillow and crash the :sleeping_bed: