🗣 ~~ SHOUTBOX ~~ 📢


Okay, I have a complaint! I was trying to earn my discobot badge but apparently I can’t :black_flag: a post as inappropriate, so I can’t proceed! :rage: What the heck, Regina!


Oops! I’ll fix that when I get home.


Are you on the forum 24/7? You replied pretty fast! :bullettrain_side:


Ha! Ha! :laughing:

I have it set to message me via email with a special ring tone whenever anyone posts anything. I don’t want to ignore anyone - ya know, trying to grow this forum.


I noticed that, too, but I thought Gina must have had a good reason to severely limit/restrict the forum like this :sweat_smile:


Nope. Maybe I did - I can’t remember!

I have like 3 active and 1 semi-active with 1 MIA member so I can turn on all the badges! I’m pretty sure my blog and the forum is well hidden on page 2591 on google search! :rofl:


Okay, give it a try now or whenever you get home!

Happy @discobot - ing!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


It’s still not working. :frowning_face:


Dang it.

Let me try again. I think I know what it is.


Edit: Okay, I’m sure it’s fixed now. Someone give it a try. Since it’s that time, I presume, Lynn is driving?


It works now :grin:


Guess what? I earned the new user of the month badge! :name_badge:

Now I’m off to get my discobot badge, if it will let me! :smile:

PS: We need some fun topics in here. It’s too dead, like watching the paint try on my canvas. :sleeping: Hey @scifidude Max, where are you?


Guess what? I got new user of the month badge too! :tongue:

I am at work, where are you?


Hum, seems a bit unfair since you haven’t even logged on in days.

It definitely feels like a Monday. I swear this day won’t end, maybe I’m grouchy because I skipped lunch. When I don’t go out to eat with everyone, the day just seems to drag. I’m not sure if I can hold on another 30 minutes. :clock5: !


Why did you skip lunch?

Technically, don’t they now owe you 1 hour?

So, by my calculation they owe you 30 minutes.


I was doing something and lost track of time. I told everyone that I’d be right there but never got up.

I think it’s funny we’re answering each other in the forum? :grinning::grinning:


People give me the dirty eye whenever I’m on my phone, so this actually works better.

I’ll see you in an hour.


We can do PM’s, everyone else don’t want to read our boring conversation. Although, I get that Regina won’t mind for the time being.


Good to know, I had prepared a list of topics, polls, writing games, etc., but I was waiting for more people to join, or for a cue like this one :stuck_out_tongue:



Good early day everyone and good afternoon, Razvan! This should be an interesting week.