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I’m bored!



Me 2!

Go somewhere! I’m going for a stroll.



Are you :bed: ?

I have a question. Are forum post indexed by Google? If so, how?

Thank/ :heart: G!

PS. How are you?


Yes, they are indexed as you can see on Google: https://www.google.com/search?q=site:microblogs.org&cad=h

How? Well, because the forum and all its posts are public by default. Even the Fiverr Forum is indexed.

If you don’t want Google to index this forum (although I wouldn’t recommend it since most writing forums allow indexing), you can read this: https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-disable-indexing-by-crawlers/39267

Fiverr just created a separate homepage for PRO sellers, but it keeps listing them on both the Fiverr homepage along with the rest of us AND on their own homepage :pensive:

P.S. I’m going through the worst sales months in 8 years; I’m trying to do something else outside Fiverr but I don’t have much hope and it takes some time to start, so in the meantime we’re starting to experience poverty in all its forms :cry:


Can I change this from anonymous to woofy31 with a link?


Be my guest :slight_smile: There’s not much anonymity left online anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello boys and girls! I am still here!

I see no one has missed me since I’ve been gone! :frowning: I figured someone would @me to get my attention, ask how I’m doing! Shucks, I feel so unloved. :broken_heart:

Well Razzy, @razvan tell hello to :eggplant: for me!

Tell Ms. V. I miss her :crying_cat_face: .

As for the rest of you - - - I curse you with WRITER’S BLOCK!!

All my love, Reg


Hey Gina!

I don’t know about the others, but I do miss you, here and especially on the F. forum (every time I visit that forum, it reminds me of you and how fun it was with you there :confused: )

The fact that I didn’t say anything so far doesn’t automatically mean I don’t miss you or that I forgot about you, not at all - I’m struggling to earn a living by any and all means, and on top of that my mom had a mild heart attack, making this year the worst year of my life (my last grandparent passed away, my dad had a stroke, now my mom had a mild heart attack, too - it’s like we’re cursed)

Please don’t leave because of us, please don’t close or hide yourself inside you…

Instead of missing them, why not re-join the PM there? We’re still a friendly bunch, 8 members or so (Lorna lost her regular badge, me too, Jon too, V. has gone through some bad times as well, :cat: got employed, Fiverr is now showing only the last 60-days of reviews making us all look like rookies #allforthePRO), you have nothing to lose except a wee bit of time, right? :slight_smile:


I noticed 5r is experimenting again, because some sellers have different star rating than others. I feel like too many changes are happening too quickly. It was bound to hurt some and of course, there are those that will claim they are having their best month ever.

I wish you were the latter. It sucks to have so much going all at once. I know about Vickie’s husband and the heart attack. I’ve bought several proofreading gigs from her and she mentioned it to me. I hope nothing else is going on with her.

I really have no desire to go back to 5r forum. I’m trying to build up my own, unsuccessfully right now. I was told not to start a forum until my blog site took off and I have ample followers who comment. I wanted to start one anyways so I can get things started with posts that may be indexed by google which would lead to my blog.

Around the World was just for fun but the Mind Your Business was the one I was passionate about. It’s too much to keep both going, so once all the articles have ran their course, I’m not going to post any new ones. I’m glad I had both up because I learned quite a bit about what to do and not.

As time goes by, it’ll get better and it will grow eventually. I have several dozen followers so hopefully, it will gain traction in the near future.

I’m happy to hear :cat: got a job! That’s fantastic news. Lorna used to be on the site every day, including holidays. I believe she earned the 365 day badge along with Eoin, so tha’s surprising.


I :heart_eyes: cats!


I :heart_eyes: dogs!


I’m sorry I failed you :disappointed_relieved:


You can never fail me.

I’ve been super sick and busy so haven’t been online for over a month.

:heart: Reg.



But I already did :frowning: I was once telling you about all my plans of making this forum a wonderful place for writers to come to and spend quality time sharing, learning and enjoying their time with other writers… and then everything changed. Now there’s only fighting my way through life just for basic survival, and everything else vanished like a fairy tale.

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been sick, I know how it’s like to be sick for months in a row and I don’t wish that to anyone :frowning: You should take more time out and get your health back on track, because it’s not wise to be sick and busy at the same time…


Nope! You absolutely did not! It’s not fair for me to put the forum on your shoulders. I’m feeling much better so, I’ll be spending more time building up this forum starting next week.

I found out I really do not like doing blog, so I’m laying that to rest. I will leave up what I have so far, but no more new stuff. I’m going to just concentrate on this forum and will start up with my books again. I like writing fiction.

Blogs are basically, non-fiction and I hate it. I’d rather post on a forum, hence, no pressure for structure and I can be laid back as I want.

How have you been?



You didn’t put it, I did, and then I failed…

I’ll be eyeballing it! :eyes:


Poorer and poorer :neutral_face: and I mean that literally speaking. Fiverr has done all these changes that decreased the sales of so many sellers, including me, and I’ve barely had sales lately… and then this guy spammed me in Inbox, I politely told him not to do that then he reported me for spam so that I cannot report him, and ever since I’ve lost all sales :sob:

It’s like I’ve been cursed by all the meksell I tried helping to become a meksell myself :cry: #ashamed #lost

Are you the one on the right, with the fancy bling-bling around the neck? :stuck_out_tongue: